Kevin Keovongsa, LICSW

Kevin Keovongsa is a licensed independent social worker in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His clinical training and experience focuses on young adult development, addiction recovery, and relationship attachment.

For over five years, Keovongsa worked as a behavioral specialist working with adults on social skills development, personal/professional development, and emotional regulation strategies.

He facilitated group therapy for sexual and pornography addiction and works substantially with couples seeking to heal from the effects of infidelity/cheating.

Keovongsa speaks at conferences and seminars addressing adults on various topics that include adult attachment, interpersonal skills development, dating practices, major life transitions, sexual addictions, shame resiliency, and personal development.

After working broadly with young adults, he recognized that many felt a longing to address, re-ignite, and actualize lost dreams and ambitions. However, fears of success, mental health challenges, unresolved traumas and distress in interpersonal relationships were some of the barriers keeping them from reaching their goals. Evidently, those who where thriving in life were finding success, satisfaction, and prosperity in three areas: their relationships with people, their sense of purpose, and their ability to experience joy. 

In his practice, Keovongsa works with individuals, couples, and families utilizing customized intervention techniques to introduce, implement and reinforce the aspects of thriving.