Interpersonal Skills 

As human beings, we long for connection and intimacy. However, as communities become more fragmented, it is becoming increasing difficult to get along with others, let alone have healthy, meaningful intimate relationships.

Throughout our lives we are placed in a variety of situations and contexts that require us to use our interpersonal skills. If practiced and utilized correctly these skills can contribute to the quality of our interpersonal relationships.  Counseling can help you confront areas of interpersonal ineffectiveness. As well, confronting the discrepancies between goals and behaviors with through practice can lead to a positive transformation in your relationships with others. 

Personal Development

Values and actions:  When we align our actions with our values, there seems to be a sense of harmony in our lives. It is when we violate our values and go counter to what we really believe that we see unhappiness and disharmony. Counseling provides a space to reflect and evaluate our values and then to consider the actions steps required to maintain those values while simultaneously learning to tolerate the distress that comes from honoring our values. 

Overcoming old habits: Many people come to counseling because they are tired of struggling with the same old habits that disrupt their life and relationships. It could be traits learned from parents and family members that cause conflict and distress. It can also be a dysfunctional way of coping with stress that ends up leading to more hurt than help. Counseling can help with evaluating the value and functionality of these habits and then incorporating new tools and more effective strategies to get one's needs met.