Nutrition Services

My specialties range from eating and weight concerns to child nutrition and sports nutrition. Using intuitive eating principles, my goal is to facilitate you in making the most of your life through balancing nutrition and self-care. In addition to individual counseling, I offer workshops in workplace settings as well as in the community.


One-on-one Counseling

Initial Session

Our initial session is 60 minutes and includes a discussion of big-picture goals and learning about your history. We will also get a look at what you’re eating day-to-day, I’ll provide some recommendations based on your needs and together we’ll set some measurable short-term goals for the next time we meet. You will leave with a sustainable plan for making dietary changes.


Follow-up Session

Each follow-up session is 30-60 minutes long, and we go over the goals we set, see where we can make further changes, discuss challenges, as well as provide additional insight and suggestions specific to your situation to help you reach your goals.

Initial Session: $150*

Follow-Up Session: $60 per half-hour

Additional Services

Individualized Meal Plan: $45

Includes 1 week of meals customized to your preferences and based on your energy needs

*I am an in-network provider for Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare, Aetna, and Cigna. Check with insurance to determine your eligibility, as you may be eligible for coverage.




Eating and Weight Concerns

Optimizing nutrition can be challenging as there is no one-size-fits-all approach. I can work with you to assess your intake and make incremental adjustments to meet your lifestyle needs. I can also assist you in developing more self-compassion for your body and provide insight on how to find balance between physical and emotional well-being.


Pediatric Nutrition

Sometimes it seems almost impossible to feed your child properly: either they eat too much or too little, or maybe they only eat certain foods, like French fries or chicken nuggets. I can provide guidance on how to engage with them during meals and snacks to cultivate intuitive eating skills and grow properly.

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Sports Nutrition

Would you like to use nutrition to enhance your endurance, strengthen your muscles, or learn to enjoy movement? Each nutrient is utilized differently in the body according to its needs and activity level. I can work with you individually to literally utilize food to fuel your exercise, leaving you energized and strengthened. I also provide guidance on how to navigate the conflicting messages about nutrient supplements to help you make informed choices.